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While you may be able, as a homeowner, to undertake some electrical work in your own home under certain conditions, the vast majority of homeowners will not be competent to meet these conditions, nor would they feel confident enough to put their family and property in danger.

You need then to call on the services of a Registered Electrician with a practising licence. In today's climate you need a MASTERelectrician, a member of The Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand (ECANZ) who has met the MASTERelectricians criteria.

The advantages of selecting a MASTERelectrician with the backing of a national body such as ECANZ are that the entire membership backs the MASTERelectricians Guarantee Scheme offered by ECANZ. In the unlikely event of a problem relating to the quality of workmanship or safety, ECANZ will remedy defects up to a value of $10,000 if your original MASTER electrician contractor will not.

Please also ask for the MASTERelectricians Certificate of Compliance at the conclusion of the work. The ME CoC offers an assurance that the work has been carried out in a competent manner and demonstrates to your insurance company and potential buyer of your property that the work meets existing regulations and standards.

Under the law you must get certification from the electrician who carries out the work.

Remember it might cost a little more to use a MASTERelectrician but it could cost you a lot more if you don't!

For further information about MASTERelectricians contact 

ECANZ on: 

FREEPHONE 0800 506 688 
or write to: 
Freepost 554,
Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand,
P.O. Box 12 434,
Wellington 6038.

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