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Thank you for your enquiry regarding membership of Master Electricians, the only trade association representing electrical contractors in New Zealand.  Master Electricians recognises the commitment in running a business, creating jobs and taking risks and it aims to help minimise the risks and increase the rewards.

Membership is via your local Master Electricians branch; there are ten branches across New Zealand.  Annual subscriptions are set by and paid to the National Office.  The amount depends on the number of electrical staff you employ.  All services provided by National Office are included in this subscription.

To receive a membership pack or if you require further information, please contact the National Office on our freephone 0800 506 688 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Master Electricians is about Service, Information, and Support 


Master Electricians provides members who meet and maintain its membership criteria the opportunity to take advantage of many benefits.  Master Electricians' benefits are for all its members, ranging from large contractors to sole traders.  As well as our very successful Master Electricians brand and EcoSmart Electricians programme, membership also provides opportunities to attend industry forums and great social events.


In addition to advice, you also have access to government and the regulators, and networking at national and local levels.  Master Electricians offers members business procedure forms, national road shows, and training through our Branch networks.  In addition, a monthly newsletter is provided giving up-to-date information on changes in legislation and other matters affecting the electrical contractor's business.


Master Electricians actively promotes its members by advertising on their behalf, and has a quality assurance programme to help contractors maintain the necessary standards.  Experienced reviewers, all contractors, can offer sound advice and guidance to assist business development.  You can also participate in the development of standards.  Master Electricians has a series of ongoing strategies to help members gain a point of difference over non-members, such as our Workmanship Guarantee and Ecosmart Electricians programme.

The Electrical Training Company: etco*

Master Electricians wholly owns etco*.  Creating etco* ensured that an apprenticeship regime continued whilst other traditional training avenues were being closed.  etco* remains vital to the Industry and is constantly innovating to ensure quality apprentices and training are available to all.


Master Electricians works hard for its members and is proud of its achievements.  If it is time for you to make your business more professional, then join Master Electricians.



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